When was the last time you sent an SMS to one of your companions or family? Most likely quite some time ago and you don’t recall it. Nonetheless, today almost 6 billion SMS messages are as yet being sent all around the world consistently; and SMS, which is accessible on all cell phones, is the world’s most broadly utilized correspondence innovation with almost 5 billion clients.

Even though there has been a decrease in the number of SMS clients due to the informing applications like WhatsApp, which arose because of the spread of cell phones and versatile information; brands think the inverse. With its pragmatic utilization and noteworthy access power, many brands send data messages employing SMS and gather client criticism.

A portion of the strategies followed by the brands while speaking with their clients through SMS are:


Brands can educate their clients on various subjects and gather client criticism by sending SMS messages occasionally. Investigations, like consumer loyalty and NPS, are normally done through SMS messages sent intermittently. The phrasing in the intermittent texts is vital. Comparable SMS messages that are sent consistently can cause the level of the peruser’s consideration and the pace of input reactions to diminish.

NPS overviews performed on occasional SMS messages are one of the most oftentimes utilized techniques by the brands. With its minimal expense and high access power, SMS can offer significant experiences on consumer loyalty and various subjects to brands.


As portable use has expanded worldwide, buyers have become more acquainted with cooperating with organizations utilizing their cell phones. Late information recommends that instant messages have an open pace of almost 100%. If you decide to gather input from your clients thusly, they will no doubt see your message and open it. Reaction rates might fluctuate from one review to another, yet industry specialists gauge that almost 50% of versatile clients react to promoting messages sent utilizing SMS.


Perhaps the greatest advantage of directing an SMS client review is that you’ll accumulate the input you need rapidly. Conventional paper or email studies commonly require subsequent meet-ups and a top to bottom information gathering measure. This is particularly obvious in case you are appropriating an overview to an enormous crowd. Since versatile clients have become so reliant upon their gadgets, you can expect prompt reactions much of the time. SMS additionally offers a one-of-a-kind element that permits you excessively fast break down your information. It improves the study interaction impressively.


Because of instinctive stages like FireText, SMS client studies can be dispatched inside only minutes. In addition to the fact that they are not difficult to make, they can likewise be conveyed rapidly. You can transfer your rundown of portable endorsers, and start the interaction. FireText additionally offers exhaustive help to assist with directing you through conveyance.


Is it accurate to say that you are leading statistical surveying available and via telephone? Assuming this is the case, your clients might be letting you know what they think you need to hear. Utilizing portable to gather input from your crowd might result in more legit reactions to your inquiries. Your clients will probably feel more loose and OK with giving their criticism through an SMS study. SMS client studies additionally help your crowd feel more in charge of the discussion; they can give authentic solutions to your inquiries and react at their relaxation, as opposed to feeling like they need to share their feedback right away.


SMS client overviews are a fast method to accumulate input from your crowd. SMS client overviews are helpful for your business in more ways than one. They permit you to accumulate input rapidly, open rates for SMS are high, versatile reviews are not difficult to make, and your clients might be more disposed to impart genuine criticism to you utilizing SMS. In case you are keen on beginning with an SMS client review for your business,

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Yes of course. You can register anytime and try our service. 20 SMS will be added to your account for free to test our service. Click here to open your account.

While we are exclusively focusing on huge demands, with 50euros you can get prepaid sms credits and start sending your sms to your contacts. Please check our pricing page for all bulk sms packages. Remember. The pricing depends on the country, the type of sms and the quantity.

No, your prepaid credits don’t expire. Your SMS credits remain available in your sms dashboard account for as long as you need them.

Yes of course. Once you have created your sms, you can select a time and date for to send your text message.

You can start sending your sms campaigns from your web dashboard, SMPP or use our API or plugins to integrate it in your web or mobile app, e-commerce website (prestashop, woocommerce, etc.).

Instantly. But depend on the volume, it can take some delay. However sometimes congestion in network may cause unavoidable delay.

No. you don’t need to use any phone number. You need to set up SENDER ID only in order to be able to send your sms campaigns. But you cannot receive a response from your customers. In case you want 2ways, you need to buy a phone number that you will use to send your sms from. Once your contacts reply, you can read and send a response directly from your web dashboard or via your own app.

You can submit for approval all SENDER IDS you plan to use in your account for yourself or your clients. Once approval you will have the option to choose one of them when sending your sms message. Trademarks and already registered third party company names are not allowed. You can use any character in these ranges a-z, A-Z and 0-9. 11 characters maximum

You will find in the REPORTS section of your dashboard all your messages which have been delivered ornot. A status will be marked at the SMS such as pending or invalid number or any other error.

Yes. You can.

Just type the mobile phone number without + or 00 with the country code. For France, start from country code 33. You will have 337650xxxxxxxx. In case, if you wish to send a message to multiple mobile numbers, separate the number with a coma (,) or space.

160characters per message. Don’t copy and paste your SMS message from applications like MS Word, Outlook, etc. because it can insert non-GSM or unicode characters in the message inadvertently. Use  notepad or any other simple txt editor. Double check special or unicode character before sending your message.

Long codes are your standard 10 digit numbers and toll-free numbers are the typical numbers with area codes 800,844,866,888, etc…In the United States and Canada, long codes are best used with 2-way communication when the SMS conversation is taking place both ways. Toll-free numbers can also be used for 2-way communication, but are also intended for A2P traffic and great for business uses like marketing and notifications.

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