SMS is an extraordinary channel to get remarks out of your clients through surveys. Research suggests that on common 31% of customers will reply to a survey through SMS with the common reaction time for customers being simply over five minutes. Meaning you could get extraordinary outcomes in a brief period.

For agencies that keep searching for methods to enhance their patron carrier, they want thorough remarks that cannot be underestimated. Without a real image of the purchaser revel in, it’s miles hard for groups to make sure they’re presenting the quality carrier possible. SMS surveys are a critical device within side the ongoing relationships among manufacturers and customers, to similarly beautify services.

By launching SMS surveys, the sender can look ahead to receiving better reaction fees and improved patron engagement. Here are a few extraordinary examples:

1.      Customer carrier remarks – whilst a cells smartphone name has ended you could ship an SMS survey for your patron asking them to charge their revel in and the advisor

2.      Delivery remarks – ask your clients to charge a current transport to look if the carrier met their expectations

3.      New purchases remarks – discover how a patron was given on with a current buy and the way they determined the general revel in.

4.      Update touch details – lets in a patron to replace those to make sure your facts are as much as date

A textual content message has a restriction of one hundred sixty characters. Anything above this and your textual content may be damaged into separate chunks which might also additionally affect the clarity of your message.

Keeping your SMS survey message short doesn’t suggest which you ought to use textual content speak, however, as it may make phrases even tougher to study and make you appear unprofessional. Simply get your factor throughout in as few phrases as possible. The identical is going for the survey URL—make certain you’re the use of a URL shortener to keep on space.

Doing the subsequent can assist attain most outcomes with regards to surveys and remarks


 Whilst sending SMS surveys it’s beneficial to maintain in thoughts that your clients are busy, and maximum are probable juggling numerous matters at once.

It’s clean in your textual content to wander off amidst all of that or even if it’s opened, the patron can certainly get distracted with the aid of using something else and neglect to ship a reaction.

This is why you ought to ship a comply with-up SMS to provide them some other danger to reply.

You ought to additionally comply with up whilst the patron offers a reaction. SMS is a private conversation channel so that you ought to deal with it as such—there’s no higher manner to reveal which you care approximately the remarks.


The time you pick to ship your SMS survey goes to persuade your engagement to charge loads.

The quality time to ship your SMS survey goes to rely upon loads at the demographics of your clients (along with running hours) in addition to when you have clients in distinctive time zones.

Most textual content advertising software program offers you the choice of sending SMS on the neighborhood time of the recipient. This guarantees that anywhere your clients are they’re best going to acquire your messages on the maximum handy time for them.

But the best manner to genuinely understand the quality time to ship your SMS survey is to check distinctive ship instances and take a look at your analytics to look if you have the quality reaction charge.

SMS surveys are a surefire manner to extend your patron attain and acquire treasured well-timed remarks.

When used at the side of different channels, SMS surveys can assist businesses to grasp a genuinely Omni channel remarks program.

To beautify patron loyalty and satisfaction, its miles crucial to accumulate purchaser remarks through SMS surveys. With greater humans now on their cell telephones for longer, you could anticipate excessive reaction fees through SMS – highlighting its functionality as a surprisingly engaged channel and an extraordinary manner to connect to clients to accumulate treasured insights in your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve come to the right place! You can find the answers to the most common questions we get asked by our customers. If your question is not answered below (and even if it is but you need further clarification) please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.. Our representative will write back to you with a personalized response. You can also call us on +33 185 732 219 / +225 2724381734 / +44 744 142 6242

Your data (contacts phone numbers, emails, etc.) is completely safe. We do not share or pass on any of your data, including the mobile numbers you have uploaded. Feel free to check our terms, conditions and privacy policy.

Yes of course. You can register anytime and try our service. 20 SMS will be added to your account for free to test our service. Click here to open your account.

While we are exclusively focusing on huge demands, with 50euros you can get prepaid sms credits and start sending your sms to your contacts. Please check our pricing page for all bulk sms packages. Remember. The pricing depends on the country, the type of sms and the quantity.

No, your prepaid credits don’t expire. Your SMS credits remain available in your sms dashboard account for as long as you need them.

Yes of course. Once you have created your sms, you can select a time and date for to send your text message.

You can start sending your sms campaigns from your web dashboard, SMPP or use our API or plugins to integrate it in your web or mobile app, e-commerce website (prestashop, woocommerce, etc.).

Instantly. But depend on the volume, it can take some delay. However sometimes congestion in network may cause unavoidable delay.

No. you don’t need to use any phone number. You need to set up SENDER ID only in order to be able to send your sms campaigns. But you cannot receive a response from your customers. In case you want 2ways, you need to buy a phone number that you will use to send your sms from. Once your contacts reply, you can read and send a response directly from your web dashboard or via your own app.

You can submit for approval all SENDER IDS you plan to use in your account for yourself or your clients. Once approval you will have the option to choose one of them when sending your sms message. Trademarks and already registered third party company names are not allowed. You can use any character in these ranges a-z, A-Z and 0-9. 11 characters maximum

You will find in the REPORTS section of your dashboard all your messages which have been delivered ornot. A status will be marked at the SMS such as pending or invalid number or any other error.

Yes. You can.

Just type the mobile phone number without + or 00 with the country code. For France, start from country code 33. You will have 337650xxxxxxxx. In case, if you wish to send a message to multiple mobile numbers, separate the number with a coma (,) or space.

160characters per message. Don’t copy and paste your SMS message from applications like MS Word, Outlook, etc. because it can insert non-GSM or unicode characters in the message inadvertently. Use  notepad or any other simple txt editor. Double check special or unicode character before sending your message.

Long codes are your standard 10 digit numbers and toll-free numbers are the typical numbers with area codes 800,844,866,888, etc…In the United States and Canada, long codes are best used with 2-way communication when the SMS conversation is taking place both ways. Toll-free numbers can also be used for 2-way communication, but are also intended for A2P traffic and great for business uses like marketing and notifications.

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