SMS Marketing or textual content advertising is one of the simplest approaches to enterprise communication. But its authentic capacity has nevertheless now no longer been harnessed. Until recently, SMS or textual content messaging has become predominantly used for private conversations.

It become most effective while the sector witnessed a steep boom in cellphone utilization that organizations commenced recognizing the scope and significance of SMS advertising and Advertising. Messages are the desired medium through clients to speak to organizations. nine out of 10 human beings pick messages because of the manner to maintain themselves knowledgeable approximately enterprise communication.

Here are a number of the advantages of SMS in Marketing and Advertising to be able to assist improve your enterprise.


SMS is one of the maxima on-spot channels available; with an examination fee of 97% inside 15 mins transport, you may be reassured that your time-important messages might be examining nearly instantly. A massive 45% of SMS campaigns generate a hit ROI, attaining over 50% while mixed with different famous channels which include email and social media.



Have your clients make the primary flow through including a shortcode or keyword to print collateral, advertisements, and marketing and marketing forums in addition to social media. This approach manner that clients quickly turn out to be acquainted with an emblem’s code and key-word and are consequently much more likely to engage and respond.


All channels need to paintings nicely collectively in the advertising blend and SMS isn’t any exception. SMS is an outstanding standalone channel, however, it can also beautify and guide different advertising mediums, which include social media and email.

As nicely as being outstanding on its own, SMS also can characteristic to beautify and guide different famous mediums amongst clients, which include social media and email.

For example, they can serve to remind clients to examine an e-mail despatched through emblem hours or maybe days before. An easy follow-up SMS asking “have you ever examine our email?”


Think of SMS as a manner to beautify how your emblem engages together along with your clients throughout the whole purchaser lifecycle. Businesses ought to bear in mind to differ the sort of content material they ship out – whilst clients might also additionally cost updates and information on imminent trends in the emblem, this statistics is high-quality added through email in which longer, extra innovative messaging is extra appropriate.

Although entrepreneurs might also additionally sense that texting is invasive, many clients at the moment are acquainted with textual content from while the use of neighborhood offerings like dentists, garages or hairdressers, or public offerings.


Tracking significant ROI, figuring out clients enticing through textual content message, and tracking transport prices are all feasible via SMS revealing the realities to the false impression of SMS being an untrackable channel and bringing it extra in keeping with what has been feasible with email for years.

By the use of those analytics, organizations can create similarly centered campaigns and usually construct higher expertise in their cell database. Not most effective does it imply they keep cash and enhance ROI however through profiling and segmenting out numbers which might be least probable to respond, SMS permits a corporation to goal the ones clients through email or every other channel.


As extra manufacturers appearance to goal clients at the flow, SMS is turning into an increasing number of important a part of powerful multi-channel advertising. However, with few virtual advertising organizations providing SMS as a middle offering, their customers are probably lacking out on communications with clients and multiplied ROI.

Organizations mistakenly agree that cell advertising calls for heavy funding in apps and does now no longer permit for personalized, centered communication, and lacks robust evaluation to guide ROI. The fact is that get the right of entry to cell communications is a way less complicated than perceived and getting access to cell clients (cellphone and non-cell phone) may be as easy as sending a personalized, centered textual content message.


The manner to instigate two-manner SMS messaging among a corporation and their cell customers is important to constructing an emblem in families round the sector furnished client privateness is blanketed via criminal necessities for opt-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve come to the right place! You can find the answers to the most common questions we get asked by our customers. If your question is not answered below (and even if it is but you need further clarification) please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.. Our representative will write back to you with a personalized response. You can also call us on +33 185 732 219 / +225 2724381734 / +44 744 142 6242

Your data (contacts phone numbers, emails, etc.) is completely safe. We do not share or pass on any of your data, including the mobile numbers you have uploaded. Feel free to check our terms, conditions and privacy policy.

Yes of course. You can register anytime and try our service. 20 SMS will be added to your account for free to test our service. Click here to open your account.

While we are exclusively focusing on huge demands, with 50euros you can get prepaid sms credits and start sending your sms to your contacts. Please check our pricing page for all bulk sms packages. Remember. The pricing depends on the country, the type of sms and the quantity.

No, your prepaid credits don’t expire. Your SMS credits remain available in your sms dashboard account for as long as you need them.

Yes of course. Once you have created your sms, you can select a time and date for to send your text message.

You can start sending your sms campaigns from your web dashboard, SMPP or use our API or plugins to integrate it in your web or mobile app, e-commerce website (prestashop, woocommerce, etc.).

Instantly. But depend on the volume, it can take some delay. However sometimes congestion in network may cause unavoidable delay.

No. you don’t need to use any phone number. You need to set up SENDER ID only in order to be able to send your sms campaigns. But you cannot receive a response from your customers. In case you want 2ways, you need to buy a phone number that you will use to send your sms from. Once your contacts reply, you can read and send a response directly from your web dashboard or via your own app.

You can submit for approval all SENDER IDS you plan to use in your account for yourself or your clients. Once approval you will have the option to choose one of them when sending your sms message. Trademarks and already registered third party company names are not allowed. You can use any character in these ranges a-z, A-Z and 0-9. 11 characters maximum

You will find in the REPORTS section of your dashboard all your messages which have been delivered ornot. A status will be marked at the SMS such as pending or invalid number or any other error.

Yes. You can.

Just type the mobile phone number without + or 00 with the country code. For France, start from country code 33. You will have 337650xxxxxxxx. In case, if you wish to send a message to multiple mobile numbers, separate the number with a coma (,) or space.

160characters per message. Don’t copy and paste your SMS message from applications like MS Word, Outlook, etc. because it can insert non-GSM or unicode characters in the message inadvertently. Use  notepad or any other simple txt editor. Double check special or unicode character before sending your message.

Long codes are your standard 10 digit numbers and toll-free numbers are the typical numbers with area codes 800,844,866,888, etc…In the United States and Canada, long codes are best used with 2-way communication when the SMS conversation is taking place both ways. Toll-free numbers can also be used for 2-way communication, but are also intended for A2P traffic and great for business uses like marketing and notifications.

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