Text messaging strategy to hold the church members is an antique strategy. A bulk amount of text messages are used to interact or communicate with the community members of churches. It has been the most successful way to gather community members for any religious ceremony, marriage ceremony, funeral, and many more. Community members are also very used to it. SMS marketing is a very useful pattern to increase the membership of churches. Some strategies also can be used to attract church members to attend any religious programs.


  • The marketing costs can be decreased if we use the messaging system to communicate with the members. The cost for a bulk amount of messages is very less compared to other marketing tools. So, It is better to enrol with the effective tool at the lowest cost of money.
  • Precautions about the Covid-19 situation and let the members know about some new rules about the church and also try to involve them maintain a hygiene society.
  • Personalizing the members by their name, numbers, and more contact information to increase the engagement rate.
  • To reach all the members at once the most fabulous tool is SMS. None needs to be online to get any update. And the ratio of opening the messages is too higher compared to Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, or any other social apps. The messages have the possibilities to be opened within just few seconds.
  • For the members who are unable to attend church every day, you can send them messages about the daily bible verse and also remind them about their prayers. It is a very ideal way to keep the members engages with the church and they also can feel much faithful to god.
  • If you feel that you have to update your members regarding upcoming programs, you send them messages, cause, it is the most effective pattern to build a relationship with the members. You can also send them church closure times or notify them in case the opening time has been changed. You can share church-relevant news with the members at the same time notify them about the church events, Important dates of crucial programs.
  • There’s a high chance that the members can forget about any important event. So, before any upcoming event, you can send them the bulk amount of messages in a regular manner. Some members don’t want to miss any occasions but for their busy lifestyle, they forget about the crucial programs. So, if you send them consecutive messages there’s a high chance that the members can attend the program at right time.
  • Creating an SMS survey or polls for the members is one of the most innovative ideas. Members can easily ask you if they have any sort of questions related to religion.
  • You can also create an SMS poll where people can leave their comments about their experiences of the past and previous events. So that you can bring the changes according to your audience’s expectations and make the next event even better and satisfy your members.