Schools, colleges, universities are passing through a very bad time. Due to the Covid-19 situation, students are trapped in their homes. They don’t have the flexibility to go out and spend some time on their prospects. All the other industries are slightly open or some of them running their activities in a full rhythm, where schools, colleges, universities can’t take this kind of decisions due to the risks of the little children or students lives. But this is also very important to make sure the future of these children or students. None can deny the benefits of education. So, the students need some effective mediums where they can go through the studies and keep themselves updated with the flow. Some of the crucial points have been mentioned below in case, you are a student or a teacher, or an administrator of an institution, you can follow these tricks using SMS.


  • Students are discouraged nowadays, they don’t have studies, they can’t even go outside and play some games. As they are unable to join classes, go to campus, Schools or universities can take an initiative to send them informative messages every day to engage them with the environment of learning new topics. Notify them about national days to remind them about the history.


  • By intergrading messages informal way students can maintain their daily routines, keep track of their daily studies. Administrators of schools, and universities can send reminder messages to their students so that students can focus more on their daily lessons.


  • Nowadays students have to join online classes and some of the Schools, colleges, universities taking consecutive classes and even creating better impacts. Students are always obliged to join live classes. In some cases, students can delay if they miss any important notice due to the bad connection or inconvenience with the device. But administrators can take the initiative to send reminder messages to the students so that they won’t miss any important class or they can be informed about the next assignment submitting date as well.


  • Administrators can recruit new students, and notify them about the confirmation of their sits. They can send messages about the joining dates and the exact schedules for their classes.


  • The school’s principal can send alert messages to their staff, students, teachers to notify them of any criminal actions, bad weather updates, to rectify any wrong activities in the near past.


  • If there’s an upcoming event where the presence of students, teachers, the staff is most important, the administrator can simply send them text messages mentioning the date, time, venue, etc.


  • Most of the schools have their coaching center where the students feel more comfortable rather than going to outside centers. The tutors can send students notifications about workshops, cancellations of classes. Updates on home works.


  • Almost every school or university students have a phone, So, it’s the simplest way to reach the students in case of emergency. The messages remain as notification on top of the phone’s display, and until it gets opened it doesn’t disappear from the screen.