Travel agencies are very popular for their best services. They ensure the quality of your tour along with safety. They build trust with the customers and make them feel that they are safe wherever they are. If you are a traveler then you already know the importance of the guidance that a travel agency provides. Wherever you go in this world, travel agencies will make your journey more comfortable. You don’t have to think about the arrangement of the ticket, neither you have to think about the hotels where you will stand nor you will have to think about the restaurants where you will eat. They will handle everything for your comfort. Nowadays people are most confused about choosing the right travel agencies. That’s the reason why best travel agencies also struggle to meet the audience. SMS marketing is a strategy that makes this thing easier for both the agencies and the tourists. We will talk about a couple of strategies where both the agencies and tourists can meet the right prospects for themselves.


  • Send messages to your subscribers including the booking date and confirmation
    Confirm the subscribers once they are done with their booking and other processing.
  • Highlight the reviews of your subscribers and attach those reviews through SMS along with a title
    When you get good feedback from your customers, you can send those reviews attached in text messages to attract subscribers.
  • Appreciate the customer’s loyalty by sending them greetings
    Sending customers greeting messages is a good initiative. Loyal customers deserve more appreciation from your agency.
  • Send text messages to notify your subscribers about special offers:
    When you have upcoming projects where you kept some special offers, you can simply send text messages to your customers mentioning that.
  • Announce rewards for the best customers
    Announce rewards for the best subscribers who consecutively used your services.
  • Give them Hints about the upcoming tour packages
    Give your subscribers hints about the upcoming tour plan, and also ask them a suggestion to select their desired locations.
  • Send them reminders about the exact date of arrival
    It is more important to notify the subscribers about the exact date of the flight so that they can prepare everything for the trip, and maintain the schedule of their activities.
  • Notify them about emergency cases while they are on the trip
    Update them about bad weathers where they are traveling, and notify them in case of emergencies, such as social awareness, criminal activities, etc.
  • Attract new customers with schemes on subscriptions
    Creating schemes for the new subscribers can be a very good idea. You can simply text them about their winning schemes, when they should come to receive it, etc.
  • Warn your subscribers about flight delays
    Informing your subscribers about flight delays is one of the most important parts.
  • Create responsive chat support while they are on the trip
    You share a contact where they can get quick responses after sending any messages. While they are on the trip, they must need help as they are new in that city or village.
  • Share important information regarding their traveling locations
    Give them a rough idea about where they should visit, and where not. In case, if they get trapped in any awkward situation tell them to send you messages so that you can you can contact your local supervisor to help them out.